Project Description

The Black Point Quarry Project (“Project”) consists of the development and operation of a construction aggregate quarry and marine terminal in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia. The quarry development and aggregate production will be on an undeveloped, 354-hectare property. The construction and operation of a marine terminal will be adjacent to the quarry in Chedabucto Bay. Processed aggregate will be off-loaded onto Panamax size bulk carriers and transported to ports along the Eastern and Gulf Coast of the United States and potentially to markets in Canada and the Caribbean.

The project site is ideally suited. The location’s proximity to deep water (>14 metres), which is sheltered and ice-free, enables construction of a deepwater marine terminal for aggregate shipment. The Project is anticipated to have capital costs on the order of $80-$110 million and will be a significant employer in Guysborough County throughout the expected 50+ year lifespan of the quarry.

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