Project History

Morien Resources Corp. (Morien), formerly Erdene Resource Development Corp., conducted a multi-year aggregate exploration program to investigate potential aggregate quarry sites in the Maritimes, concentrating on Nova Scotia due to its southerly location. These investigations included literature research and site-specific evaluations of existing physical, biological and socio-economic conditions.

Because aggregates are a high-bulk, low-cost commodity, the cost of transportation can easily exceed the price of the aggregate. Thus, for a marine quarry which requires considerably more capital than a land-based quarry to be profitable, the aggregate source should be located adjacent to deep water. Black Point was the most suitable site identified by Morien in its program.

In 2014, Morien entered into a joint business agreement with Vulcan Materials Company to develop Black Point Quarry and marine terminal.

Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (formerly Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency) conducted an environmental assessment of the project, and in April 2016, the Minister of Environment approved the project. And two years later in 2018, the company was granted a two-year extension of the Ministerial Approval of the Black Point Quarry and Marine Terminal issued by the Province of Nova Scotia.

Black Point Quarry Timeline

  • February 2014: Morien submitted a Project Description document to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (“CEAA”) for the Project
  • March 2014: CEAA conducted a 45-day review of the Project Description, including a 20-day public comment period, and determine that a federal environmental assessment of the Project was needed
  • April 2014: Morien and Vulcan formed a joint venture to develop the Black Point Quarry
  • April 2014: CEAA provided Draft Guidelines for preparation on an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • April 2014: The first Black Point Quarry Project open house was held
  • April 2014: Second public comment period
  • June 2014: CEAA and Nova Scotia Environment issued the final EIS Guidelines
  • August 2014: The Black Point Quarry Project Community Liaison Committee was formed
  • December 2014: Draft EIS is submitted to the government
  • February 2015: EIS is submitted to the government
  • February 2015: EIS registered with CEAA and NSE
  • March 2015: Third public comment period and second open house to be held
  • January 2016: CEAA issues draft Environmental Assessment (EA); including public comment period
  • Spring 2016: CEAA issues Final EA
  • April 26, 2016: Ministerial Approval
  • 2016-2018: Division V Industrial Permits
  • 2020-2022: Project experienced delays
  • 2023: Re-engagment
  • March 2024: Minister of Environment and Climate Change (ECC) Grants EA Extension